About Us

Fall In Love With The Experience

Uniqueness of our booths:

*Classy Wood Booth Design: different from pipe & drape, or the photobooths you'd see in a mall.
We designed our booths for classy upscale weddings & events.
*DSLR Quality Photographs
*Simple look to fit any event decor
*Large Size: Our booths fit up to 8 people, and our open air booth fits up to 20
*Live Video preview
*Fast output of prints
*Have a blast with guests

Step inside the Photobooth where you will be greeted by satin pillows and velvet curtains for your comfort and privacy. When you're ready, press the large red button for color or white button for black and white! After a three second delay, the booth automatically takes four pictures with about four seconds in between each shot, allowing you to do just about whatever you want!
When you're done with your final photo, step outside the booth where your print will be waiting for you moments later. Post your picture on your refrigerator, bulletin board, or in your favorite photo album and make the memories of your event last forever! Life is fun, remember every experience...

Brian Gardner

Leah Lundberg

Caleb Evans

Gracie lemos

Ben Kurtz

Beki Morrison